Jessica Lindvall

Jessica Lindvall NBIS expert

high throughput analyses

I earned my PhD in Molecular Cell Biology from Karolinska Institutet (Sweden) in 2005 and after a competitive challenge I received a Bioinformatics post-doctoral fellowship in Oslo, Norway at the University of Oslo where I stayed in 2006-2009. I have a solid track record (currently over 20 peer-reviewed articles in high impact journals) and I have taken part and led multiple research projects. The red thread in my line of expertise is the use of the applied bioinformatics methods that I use and develop for analyzing high throughput data. Both past and present projects are collaborative by nature and new collaborations are continuously built, which will complement my present skills. To date my main focus lies on analyzing high throughput methylation data with special emphasis on the Illumina 450K methylation chips and the processing thereof. Here, the aim is to provide both a hypothesis-free analysis approach as well as a more hypothesis-driven approach using solid statistics and systems biology methods. This will give biological nuances and depth to the scientific data produced from high throughput screens helping the researcher to understand the data and ‘answer’ the biological question.

I have extensive experience in project management and development. During my research years, I have successfully built a wide network of both national and international researchers as well as people connected to the University education area. I have also received several grants as well as actively participated in the scientific debate by giving presentations and participating in both international and national conferences on a regular basis. I see myself as a natural ambassador for my area of expertise and I continuously build close connections in various arenas, both within and outside academia.

Competences: Project management, high throughput analyses, applied bioinformatics, Systems biology, Statistics, Communicating science, Entrepreneurial skills.