Rui Benfeitas

Rui Benfeitas NBIS expert

Omics Integration, Systems Biology, Biological Network Analysis, Precision Medicine, RNAseq, Metabolism, Cancer, Metabolic Modeling
phone +46 (0)760842583

Rui has a PhD in Systems Biology from the University of Coimbra, Portugal, and a biochemistry background. During his graduate studies he used kinetic models, parameter estimation from experimental time series to understand metabolism in human cells. He then pursued a postdoc in systems and precision medicine at KTH – Royal Institute of Technology where his main projects involved multi-omics integration in cancer and metabolic diseases including metabolomic, proteomic and particularly transcriptomic data (microarray and RNA-seq). He developed novel methods for biological network analysis, patient stratification and association between biological and clinical features, identification of potential therapeutic targets, and drug repositioning.

Rui joined NBIS short-term support during 2019 and is primarily involved in omics integration and systems biology projects.

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Selected publications

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