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There are a number of steps to go through to get access to the system:

Please see the application instructions for details.

User guide

To find out more on how to use the system please see the User guide

System Background

Mosler is a service for working with sensitive data offered by NBIS, offering access to a “virtual” Topolino cluster.

Mosler aims to be a safe infrastructure to enable research on sensitive data. One example of sensitive data in the legal sense (according to the Swedish Personal Data Act) is commonly considered to be human whole genome sequences as they relate to the health of a specific individual. Data considered sensitive have strict regulations for how it may be handled and demands on security for the system where it’s processed.

The goal of Mosler is to offer a system that meets those requirements that is yet easy and practical to work with.

Security information

The Mosler system design is based on the Norwegian secure system for sensitive data TSD.

We are working with the Information Security Standard ISO 27000, according to the information security guidelines of Uppsala University. The system is secured by a hardened firewall. Every user is identified and need to verify his/her identity with two factors every time they use the system.

Each project runs in a secure separated container that is only accessible by project members.

Internet access is not possible from within project containers (file import/export is enabled by a secure file transport service using encrypted protocols).

We use encrypted backup hosted by PDC at KTH.