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Mosler appointed token administrators

Please contact one of the token admins to set up a meeting to get the second factor for Mosler login. Be advised that you will need to visit the token admin in person, have an identity card or passport and your user must be prepared in Mosler for the token administrators to be able to issue the second factor.

Name e-mail Location
Dag Ahren Department of Biology, Lund University
Mikael Borg NBIS, SciLifeLab Stockholm (DBB, Stockholm University)
Niclas Jareborg NBIS, SciLifeLab Stockholm (DBB, Stockholm University)
Malin Larsson IFM Bioinformatics , Linköpings universitet
Jeanette Tångrot Department of Molecular Biology, Umeå universitet
Katarina Truvé Bioinformatics core facility, Sahlgrenska acedemy
Johan Viklund ICM, Uppsala university