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Mosler can be found at

This page is about how to use Mosler, if you want to know how to get acces to the system please see Applying for a Mosler project.

Secure login


Always make sure that the padlock icon is shown for the website when you log in. Below are some examples of what it looks like in different browsers, it is usually somewhere in the address bar. It is very important that this icon is not crossed over or not visible.


To log in you need your user name, password and a one time passcode generated by an app on your smartphone. You enter your user name into the user name field as usual but in the password field you should enter both your password and the one time code generated from the app. For example, if your password is xt4f4ra!c and the code generated by the app is 573621 you would enter xt4f4ra!c573621 in the password field.

First page

First page

Upon successful logon there are 4 main points of interest that you will interact with.

1. Project chooser

This is only relevant if you are a member of several projects in Mosler. This is where you choose what project to access.

2. Sidebar

If you want to upload and/or download files via the webinterface you can choose the Import/Export option here.

3. Linux system login

To get to the actual system, click on the Login link here. This will present you with a linux desktop which is connected to a HPC cluster almost identical to that of the other Uppmax systems.

4. Sign out

This is where you sign out of the system. Important: remember to do this every time you are finished working with the system.

Linux System

Please see the Uppmax user guides for general usage of HPC systems at uppmax, especially the SLURM user guide is of interest.


Once inside you get presented with a linux desktop. This is where you work with your data.


To find a terminal emulator you go to Applications -> System Tools and then choose either Konsole or Terminal.

End session

There are two ways to end your session:

  1. Go to System in the upper left left, and choose Log Out
  2. Go to the uper right corner and click your user name and then Quit... (this will only end your session and will not affect anybody else).

N.B. Do not use the crossed over screen in the top rightmost corner, especially if you are a member of several projects in the system.

Import and Export

File imports and export for your project is facilitated by a file transfer service. This service acts as a staging area for your files, it can take up to 10 minutes for the files to be moved from the staging area and into the actual system, this is also true for exports.

You connect the service either via the web interface on the Mosler home page or you can use a standalone SFTP-client.

One caveat is that you can only import “small” files to the system from the web interface (less than 1 Gbyte).

If you use a standalone client, such as WinSCP, Filezilla or OpenSSH sftp, point it to <s> and log in with the same username and combination of password and token as you use to log in to the web service.

Tested clients include


Your data will be imported to your project and can found in /proj/projectname/INBOX/"date of import" within the system.

The time it takes to import the file will depend on a number of factors such as file sizes and other imports running concurrently, but in general, files should show up in less than ten minutes.

Stand alone client

If you connect to the SFTP service, there will me one folder for every project you are a member of. If you put a file there they will be uploaded to the system.

Web interface

When choosing the Import/Export view to the left you will be presented with this view. If you have any files that are exportable, they will be shown to the right and files in the upload queue or already uploaded will be shown to the left.

To upload files, click the Choose Files button. A filebrowser will open here you can select one or several files. You can do this several times the upload won’t start untill you click the Upload button.

You can see what files are beeing imported in the interface. Once the text says Done the files will be in the staging area and will later (within 5 to 10 minutes) be picked up and be imported into your project INBOX.


The rule is that only project administrators or those appointed by her/him can export data, while any member can import data. Project administrators (PIs) should have access to a group in SUPR where they can add and remove export permissions for project members.

If you have export rights you will find your username in the folder /proj/projectname/OUTBOX/ Files you put there will be sluiced to the export area after some time (usually less than five minutes but this can vary with file sizes and be influenced by other projects performing exports).

Files will removed from the export area after some time (approximately five days).

You can then download the files either with a standalone client similar to how it is describe above or by using the webinterface.

If you have the proper permissions you will see a list of files that are ready for export in the right column of the Import/Export view, like so: