Open positions: One or two system developers with operational responsibility

Join us in developing the bioinformatics systems of the future within the framework of two of the world’s most eminent universities. With us, you will be working with agile development of software solutions and user interfaces, unique to the area of bioinformatics. The position involves taking responsibility for the whole lifecycle of applications, from initial planning to deployment using automated deployment tools, to the eventual decommissioning or migration at the end.

You have the possibility to apply for this position either at Uppsala University or at Stockholm university or both.

In Uppsala you will be placed in the creative environment of the SciLifeLab Uppsala node “Navet”. Here more than 30 bioinformaticians and developers as well as core facilities and many different research groups are interacting.

In Stockholm the positions is placed at SciLifeLab, which is closely located to the Karolinska Institutet in Solna.

More information and application instructions:

You need to apply on both places if you later want to decide where you want have your office. Most of the developers are located in Uppsala.

Application deadline: April 6, 2020