Open position: Application Expert in Medical Imaging Diagnostics AI at AIDA Data Hub

AIDA Data Hub (part of NBIS) is seeking application experts in medical imaging diagnostics AI, who will establish a new function for advanced support and training at the AIDA Data Hub, directed towards researchers in the AIDA community.

The Analytic Imaging Diagnostics Arena (AIDA) facilitates collaboration between national stakeholders in medical imaging diagnostics AI, to accelerate development and use of world leading AI tools. This requires advanced analyses and training of AI algorithms based on massive amounts of medical images and clinical data. The AIDA Data Hub provides services in data sharing, secure data processing, and policy support to the AIDA arena. The AIDA Data Hub is now planning to extend its service portfolio with application expertise in medical imaging diagnostics AI, to provide advanced support and training to researchers in the AIDA community. The primary focus is on projects with a clear connection to the broader SciLifeLab and DDLS aims, including precision medicine and multi-omics.

In operation and continuous development of the new support function, the application expert will work integrated in national research and innovation projects, and take on research and AI development tasks. This will often entail working with sensitive personal medical imaging data on privacy-preserving data platforms. This will require addressing challenges of many types, primarily technical, but also legal questions and integrity considerations. This, in turn, will require close collaboration with national and international sensitive data service development teams.

More information and application instructions here.