Bioinformatics drop-in sessions

Important notice

Due to the current Covid-19 situation the drop-in sessions will be held online for all sites. Visit the events page for all the information you need to join and talk to our bioinformatics experts.

What is this

NBIS organizes weekly drop-in sessions in Lund, Göteborg, Linköping, Stockholm, Uppsala, and Umeå. At these occasions local NBIS staff will be available to answer bioinformatics-related questions.

Who is this for

Anyone doing academic research with questions about bioinformatics! Are you planning a new project? Are you stuck in some part of your analysis? Do you need help interpreting the results? We are happy to answer questions, small or large.

When and where is the next occasions

The planned drop-in sessions are typically announced locally per site. You can find the schedule here