General processing agreements for bioinformatics support and data storage

When researchers from universities other than Uppsala University use the services of NBIS involving personal data, NBIS/Uppsala University will act as Processor for the Controller (which is the university where the researcher is employed). In such cases, an agreement must be established between the Controller and the Processor according to Article 28 (3) of the GDPR.

General agreements have been established between NBIS/Uppsala University and some Swedish universities, for three different general cases:

  1. NBIS/Uppsala University acts as Processor on behalf of another university for performing bioinformatics analysis
  2. Another university acts as Sub-processor to NBIS/Uppsala University for performing bioinformatics analysis. This is for cases where NBIS staff is employed by a university other than Uppsala University.
  3. NBIS/Uppsala University acts as Processor on behalf of another university for long-term storage of personal data in the Swedish EGA node.
Established agreements

This table lists the registration numbers (“diarienummer”) at Uppsala University for the established agreements, including links to the agreements, for the three different cases listed above.

University Case 1
Case 2
Case 3
Karolinska institutet ICM 2019/184 ICM 2019/185 ICM 2019/186
Kungliga tekniska högskolan ICM 2019/187 ICM 2019/188 ICM 2019/189
Naturhistoriska riksmuseet ICM 2019/196 ICM 2019/197  
Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet ICM 2019/199 ICM 2019/200 ICM 2019/201
Umeå universitet ICM 2019/205 ICM 2019/206 ICM 2019/207
Outstanding agreements

NBIS is waiting for agreements to be signed by the following universities