Vision and Mission for NBIS Training

Vision - Desired future position

NBIS offers high quality training programs aimed at the Swedish Life Science research community that provides a standard to follow when handling and analysing bioinformatics data. The training follows up-to-date best practices for effective teaching, using Open and FAIR training materials. Moreover, our training is inclusive and meets the needs of the research community in terms of accessibility.

Mission - Overall objectives and the approach to reach those objectives

Methodology standards – NBIS Training delivers advanced training where learners are trained in best practices for a range of state-of-the-art bioinformatics topics. NBIS meets the training demands from the Life Science research community by continuously reviewing the training content so that it meets demands and needs.

High quality – NBIS Training follows best practices in effective teaching. Moreover, NBIS provides guidance on effective teaching and learning to the Life Science research community.

Professional development – NBIS educates internally, both scientifically and pedagogically, aiming to keep our experts up-to-date on the most advanced and accurate bioinformatics methodologies. NBIS has a streamlined teaching process, built on clear processes and training infrastructure.

Accessibility – Life Science researchers have access to NBIS Training according to the Open and FAIR principles for training material.

Collaboration – NBIS interacts with national and international stakeholders to share knowledge and improve the quality of NBIS Training.