Title image for NBIS Anniversary Symposium 24th of November

NBIS Anniversary Symposium 24th of November

SciLifeLab Bioinformatics Platform NBIS celebrates 15 years and organises an Anniversary Symposium on Friday 24 November at 10h00 (coffee/tea from 09h30) with mingle afterwards (16h00) in Uppsala, SciLifeLab Trippelrummet.

Preliminary Programme

0930–1000 Coffee/Tea

1000–1015 Bengt Persson: Welcome and NBIS overview
1015–1100 Keynote presentation by Mathias Uhlén: Human Protein Atlas (HPA)
1100–1115 Björn Nystedt: WABI 10 years
1115–1135 User presentation by Anna Rising and Johan Reimegård: Blueprint behind natures high-performance fiber
1135–1155 User presentation by Maria Ulvmar: Automatic detection of vascular remodeling in cancer

1200–1300 Lunch

1300–1305 Joel Hedlund: AIDA Data Hub
1305–1350 Keynote presentation by Jeroen van der Laak: Bigpicture and Digital pathology
1350–1400 Anna Hagwall: Human data
1400–1420 User presentation by Andreas Wallberg: Adaptation under the Sea: new insights into ecological genomics in keystone zooplankton
1420–1430 Niclas Jareborg: Data management – FAIR data for Swedish research

1430–1500 Coffee/Tea

1500–1530 User presentation by Johan Lindberg: Addressing precision medicine challenges in cancer
1530–1540 Jessica Lindvall: Advanced training
1540–1550 Jonas Söderberg: Support for Computational Resources
1550–1600 Bengt Persson: Concluding remarks

1600 – Drinks and finger food

Please register via this link:
[https://nbis.typeform.com/to/APxNTFbl ]
so that we know approximately how many that will attend.